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Yours to Desire      Mine to Keep      Ours to Embrace

Dirty Sexy Space

A Space Opera series with Shona Husk and Mel Teshco

5 February 2018!

Join the crew of the Earth Ship Siren on the perilous twelve month voyage to a distant planet to start a new penal colony. The innocent and the guilty, good guards and bad, soldiers and civilians, all crammed into a battered old space ship, out among the stars.

Each story works perfectly as a standalone romance, but to fully experience life, love and adventure on the Siren read them all!

Dirty Sexy Space series

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Go direct to the first chapters of Yours to Desire, Mine to Keep and Ours to Embrace. Believe me, I had a ton of fun writing them!!

The Dark Rose

Book 4 of the Four-Sided Pentacle series is now available world-wide!

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Even beautiful things cast dark shadows...

Rosarina of the Garden is the most desired courtesan of her time. She is also a spy, sent on a deadly mission to Green IV. She canot afford to trust anyone, least of all the Quintus, a Technomage with his own agenda - and the unnerving ability to crack her cool composure.
Rose is a challenge Quin can't resist, but he's a threat she's been ordered to...neutralize.
Duty and passion are a dangerous combination in the paranormal world of the Four-Sided Pentacle.

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    "Stories have a power, a magic all their own. Consider the fact that the actions, thoughts and feelings of people who have no existence in reality can make you laugh, make you weep. That's the art and that's the magic."

    Fledge, Story Witch of the Ten Nations Fair

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