Eight Random Facts About Me

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I've been tagged! Christine Wells has tagged me to write eight unknown, obscure and meaningless facts about moi. And she looks so innocent too. Whoever would have thought she can do the splits? Believe me, I had NO idea!

I've been thinking about this for days and I'm up to six, I theeenk... *deep breath* Here goes...

1. I'm a really good knitter, as in I can follow any pattern, any at all. But I'm a craftsperson, not an artist, more's the pity. I did manage a Kaffe Fassett vest once and it still looks good. I have a great collection of books about knitting. And I did teach myself to sew in the end too.

2. In the weeks before my GARDEN wedding, it rained cats and dogs every single day. The result was a flood of such major proportions that the city ground to a halt. I still remember my lovely mother-in-law-to-be sobbing to my Mum on the phone that there was 20 feet of water between her family and the GARDEN wedding. My Mum cried too. When I stood next to My Beloved in front of the minister (INDOORS), I looked up at him (My Beloved, not the reverend) with so much love in my heart, thinking, well at least I have my darling. His beautiful blond hair was in wet rats tails and a big drop fell off the end of his nose. *sigh*

2. (continued) (This is almost worthy of another number of its own.) Because the airport was closed, we spent our wedding night in his little flat - full of bachelor housekeeping - musty towels, old newspapers etc And a squillion slugs who were so wet they'd crawled in under the door looking for a dry spot. I cried so hard, he let me choose the hotel for the next night. The one I picked got flooded the following day. I waded out of the hotel foyer in my bikini and the water came up to my armpits. It was cold. And dirty. Blech.

3. I have a birthmark on my shoulder blade. It looks a bit like a cross-eyed butterfly. When I was teaching, I wore a summer dress one day and the kids asked me about it. I told them I was a lost Ruritanian Princess and it was the Royal Birthmark. One dear little soul believed me for a whole three minutes.

4. I like dogs fine, but I really love cats. I had a dear old Burmese boy who died peacefully in my lap at 19. (The vet came to the house. Wasn't that nice?) I still miss him, though it's eight years ago now. He was my friend.

5. I belonged to an amateur dramatic company for years. I played the murderer in "Death on the Nile". Yeah! I can carry a tune, though it's pretty ordinary. I even had a solo in a pantomime kind of thing once. My character was 10 years old and I sang "My god, how the money rolls in." Whoohoo, fame at last! Loved it!

6. My son had no name for the first ten days of his little life. I was so convinced I was having a girl, I blithely agreed to any boy's name my husband suggested during the pregnancy. Lucky I was lying down when they handed me the baby! I was SO surprised. But then I had to think really quick not to get stuck with something awful. (Except I didn't think quick, just kept bleating about the pain, the pain! It worked though.)

7. I don't watch TV. At all. Just got out of the way of it. Means I miss all sorts of cultural things, but hey, I'd rather write my own adventures!

8. I'm Irish on both sides. My great-great-whatever grandfathers joined the British army and went out to India with the Raj. When I was little we had a leopard skin my Grandad had shot. (Yes, I know, but it was a different world then - he shot tigers too.) I used to sit on it to have my play tea parties. Each claw was longer than my little fingers.

Wow, I made it! All eight! How about that?

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