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8th December 2006

I've got a release date for Tailspin ~ 31st January 2007 ~ Yay, I can't wait!

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8th November 2006

I'm still in shock. Joey W. Hill, one of my very favourite erotic authors, posted a long review of Gift of the Goddess. Among other wonderful things, she said -
The pacing of this book - the growth of the emotional bond between ALL three characters, the integration with the "action plot", the sexual tension - is just about flawless. Anyone who has the misfortune to be critiqued by me knows that I use that word rarely (grin). And don't even get me started on how well integrated the erotic part of the romance is...    Read the rest...

3rd November 2006

Danny won the Name the Dragon Contest. Meet Nathrach the Dragon, all fierce and beautiful, guarding the laptop as I type.

30th October 2006
FIVE ANGELS from Fallen Angels Reviews
...crammed with sex scenes that will make your screen melt. They are graphic, frequent and unbelievably arousing...Ms Rossetti most definitely has a hit with this fantasy which is full of sex, dominance and love.


18th October 2006

Joyfully Reviewed
...a fascinating novel. The interaction between Anje, Brin and Trey was fantastic. The love between the three of them was very touching and it warmed my heart to see it grow.

16th October 2006

FOUR HEARTS from Loves Romances and More
If this book does not get you hot and bothered, you need to make sure you still have a pulse.

11th October 2006

Another amazing review, this time FOUR KISSES from Two Lips Reviews
There were times during the reading of this tale that I sincerely had to grab some ice to cool down. Hot, hot and hot! The sex between both the males and the three together is absolutely breathtaking.

3rd October 2006

Now it's a FIVE CUPS review from Coffee Time Romance.
"Oh My Gosh! This story is like a menu of epicure sensual delicacies."

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1st October 2006

A FIVE STAR review from JERR! I feel a little faint, but very, very happy.
"What a stunning debut! The pages of this book should come with heat warnings. This is a fantasy story you simply must read."

27th September 2006

To celebrate Release Day for Gift of the Goddess the wonderful, underhanded women in my critique group connived with my husband to throw me a surprise party-ette. So what did I do? Cried, of course. *grin* And they gave me the most magnificent statuette of a dragon. Wonder why they picked that? *LOL* Drop by and have a look at Mr Dragon. I'm going to run a Name that Dragon contest as soon as I dry the happy tears and work out a prize.

18th September 2006

A lucky newsletter subscriber won a free download of Gift of the Goddess. Cathie was thrilled! But so was I - my very first book giveaway! Now I'm a real grown-up author. *g*

1st September 2006

The lovely people at Ellora's Cave did an interview with me. You can read it in the September issue of Lady Jaided, the Ellora's Cave newsletter.

10th August 2006

The Romance Writers of Australia conference starts this weekend on the beautiful Gold Coast. Here's an article about it in today's paper. And I get a mention. ;-)

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1st August 2006

RELEASE DATE is set for 27th September!

1st June 2006

The Cover Snark has given the cover of Gift of the Goddess a going over. Lucky Mr Gorgeous is so...well...gorgeous. Go have a giggle. She's very funny. The post is Pour Some Sugar on Me!, dated 1 June 2006. Scroll down...

My article for writers, The Campfire and the Craft, is up at Speculative Romance Online. Take the test - are you a storyteller or a wordsmith?

1st May 2006:

I've launched my monthly newsletter. Woohoo! Hot excerpts and all sorts of goodies, including The Amorous Adventures of Alice, - kinda like Choose Your Own Adventure, but with a very naughty twist. ;-) Subscribe to my newsletter to sign up and join the fun.

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20th April 2006:

The final version of the Gift of the Goddess cover has arrived. That man is sooo hot! Do yourself a favour, and have a look at him full-size.

8th April 2006:
Read the JERR Interview here!
I'm bouncing off the walls! Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave this website a 4 Star Review!

2nd April 2006:

Hoo boy - call me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! The latest issue of the Just Erotic Romance Reviews Newsletter is running an interview with three new Ellora's Cave authors - including meee!

Come on over and share the excitement with Candie Keane, Rebecca Aires and Yours Truly.

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