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The click of metal on metal sounded very loud over the sound of their panting breath, the breeze whispering in the trees. Six fucking months it had taken Griff to win a wrestling match with Fort - but now, Twister be praised, he had. First fall.

Carefully, Griff rose, backed away. Any second. One, two -

"What the fuck-?" Fort's roar of fury shook the hidden valley. He lurched to his feet, awkward because of the wrists cuffed behind him. "You little shit, you cheated!"

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Griff staggered over to a handy boulder and collapsed, his heart singing even as the breath rasped in his lungs. "No more than you did, that first time." He shot the big man a feral grin, full of evil promise. "I wasn't going to lose, not again." Twisting around, he rubbed the back of his thigh. "Shit, I think I pulled something."

"Serves you right," said Fort sourly. "But cuffs, Griff?" They rattled as he tested them, the muscles writhing beautifully under olive skin. "Was that necessary?"

Griff straightened, brushing off the bits of grass, the crushed daisies, checking for bruises. He took his time, trying to still the internal trembling. He was naked, they both were, the daylight illuminating every muscle, every tendon and sinew, the scars on Fort's huge body. "I didn't think anything as flimsy as leather would hold you," he said.

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