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Dear Author B+

The romance is most beautifully perfectly done. Each step in their relationship reveals more about the individuals, where they come from, who they are, why their partner attracts them, and what they're going to do about it. The focus of the story is mainly Fort's journey and I just fell in love with him as he fell in love with Griff but had to push himself to accept it.

The sex, by the way, was amazing. Fort is the title's "Strongman," but Griff is a tumbler and can give as good as he gets. Evenly matched, each sexual encounter is a fight for dominance and it's hot and fascinating and each scene is integral to both plot and character development.

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Fallen Angels Reviews

Recommended Read

...a book about inner demons and how they play havoc on our happiness...about love and the strength it gives us to claim what is rightfully ours. A well written and extremely entertaining story.

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5 Stars from Reviews by Jessewave

This book has everything, hot men and even hotter sex, a terrific story, fantasy creatures - some good (those wonderful Aetherii men with wings and a tail), some horrible like the Hssrda, great adventure and, even better, rough sex that becomes tender when you least expect it.

Denise Rossetti has done her usual remarkable job of bringing a foreign environment to life with characters like Fort, the complicated hero, Griff who is sex on a stick, and an imagination that does not take a back seat to any other author on the scene today.

  • Jessewave's Top 10 books for 2008 - Honourable Mention
  • Readers' Favourite Gay Books - 2010

Note: This review previously appeared on Literary Nymphs Reviews - 5 Nymphs

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A Selection of Readers' Comments from My Blog

I just finished the story, and I can feel the tears prickling behind my eyes.
Love and sexuality in all its forms is a wondrous thing, and you are one of the best at expressing the feelings of your characters to the point where they no longer feel like fiction, but real-live people who might walk through the door (wait, there’s no one knocking at mine, dammit). :lol:
I feel like a crack fiend. I need another hit.

I’ve read StrongMan and think it is probably your best novel yet and I thought Tailspin was going to be hard to beat!

I have now woken up with a Strongman hangover. I had great fun with the boys, ran the gamut of emotions... I fell in love and wasn’t disappointed. And now I am bereft.

Another perfect blend of adventure, witty and meaningful dialogue, emotional ups and downs that resemble a roller coaster (a true indicater of a fantastic book, if my emotions are all over the place), hot, hot sex.
Brilliant Denise, just f*****g brilliant. I loved it. :grin:

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4 Hearts from Loves Romances and More

4 Hearts

Much of the charm in Ms Rossetti’s toe-curlingly erotic stories lie with her ability to create characters in which we become emotionally invested. The appeal that both heroes have and the attraction between them are set at a lovely simmer lasting long enough to build in steamy pressure. We get a very good look at exactly what is behind Fort’s reticence and what makes him tick. Griff is not colored as dark in personality and he is a good counterweight with his lighter view of life and openness to love in whatever form has come.

...a compelling and emotion filled urgency that was credible. Fort’s journey is not an easy one but he discovers what is truly important to him. STRONGMAN he may be but love can conquer even the strongest.

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Rain on the Roof

The sex is hot, toe curlingly good. Freaking hawt smexin goodness... Sometimes I feel authors think you don't have your big girl pants on and that they're obliged to explain everything to death. Not the case in this. I never found myself getting bored, lost or having a WTF moment and this is always a bonus! I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that Denise writes more m/m books because this one rocked my socks. This might be my new measure of a good book, sock rockingly good!

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Also at Desert Island Keepers

This third in the series simply gets better as it expands, and the character studies encompassed within are becoming smoother as they grow. I love the fact that there are always one or two central characters who remain steadfast as the new are added. The struggles to overcome the fears and grasp love offered are touching, while the sex is amazing. I hope there are more to come.

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Joyfully Reviewed

Strongman was an incredible story about two men who found their soul mate in another man. Fort is gruff and scary, or tries to be at least. Griff is a bundle of energy and comfortable in his skin. It's very easy to fall in love with each man even though they are so very different. I absolutely love it when big tough men fall prey to love and Denise Rossetti makes these men fall hard. A great storyline any M/M fan is bound to love.

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Four TattoosErotic Escapades

With more of the colorful world of Phoenix laid out before us in a landscape so vivid that it comes to life before your eyes, Strongman is full of emotion and depth that will hold you fascinated from beginning to end. Griff is sweet and cheeky with an inner strength that allows him to face and defeat Fort's demons; Griff’s irreverent humor and innate curiosity make him very easy to love.

Tension and humor abound in Ms. Rossetti’s latest addition to the Phoenix Rising series.

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B+ from Simply Romance Reviews

Ms. Rossetti shows us an interesting world with creatures we’ve never seen or heard of before, her imagination is remarkable.

The underlying theme is that we don’t pick who to love, love picks us... it tore at my heartstrings.

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