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Tailspin is a fantasy adventure that takes the reader soaring with the Aetherii and never lets them down. This book has it all. There is romance and adventure. Love and passion. Danger and demons. I was captivated from page one and loved it until the end.

There were scenes that made me cringe and scenes that made me sigh. Both Mirry and Jan are strong, alpha males, and it was interesting to watch them interact, and come to terms with how they felt about each other. Fledge, while not educated and sophisticated, is strong and able to take care of herself.

Tailspin is an adventure not to be missed. I Joyfully Recommend this tale to lovers of fantasy.

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Fallen Angel Reviews

Recommended Read

Freefall into an Incredibly Amazing Story!

Tailspin is now one of my favorite books, one I have already read dozens of times.

Each and every page of the book is so lovingly written that you can feel the brush of wings against your naked body and the curl of a tail pulling you closer to warm male skin. Rossetti takes a sensual pleasure in words, and the effect is that each part of the book is a delight to read, from the sex scenes to the battles and the quiet moments the three spend together.

You get a real sense of the characters, with their quirky idiosyncrasy and faults. Mirry and Jan are alpha heroes- but heroes with depth and problems of their own. Fledge might be meek, but underneath her ingrained timidity is a backbone.

Rossetti's Tailspin is a story that is overflowing with sensuality, orgasms, laughter and love.

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ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Wow, wow, and wow! I can't sing enough praise for this hot, imaginative and beautiful tale of growth, discovery, acceptance and love. Ms. Rossetti's Tailspin is a blistering afterburn of emotion that will grab you from the first sentence, and draw you into an engaging, sexy and highly entertaining fantasy world.

I loved this book! No matter how hard I tried, I could not quit reading it, even for work. It's very rare I risk getting fired just to sneak chapters of a book, but I did for Tailspin. My hats off to Ms. Rossetti! Her lyrical prose is beautiful and descriptive. She breathes unadulterated life into her characters so fully and with such precision, you feel as if you stand beside them while you follow their journey. Indeed, by the time you reach the end, it seems you have known them your whole life.

If you like your romances hot enough to steam the computer screen and a bit on the spicy side due in part to the *ménage a trios and *m/m themes, then I HIGHLY recommend this read. You won't be sorry. I know I eagerly await future works by this very talented and exceptionally creative author!

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Anne Douglas, Loose ID author

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm not usually one to wax lyrical over authors and their books, mainly because I read so many. I have read many that touched me, made me laugh or cry, and of course many that were in between. Many memorable, and a lot of them not - although they were a satisfactory read at the time.

I picked up a few new ebooks yesterday. Read the whole damn lot of them to - my eyes feel like someone stabbed them with a fork - and have finally found an eBook that I can safely say I will read again by the end of the month.

Denise Rossetti's Tailspin.

I read the first book of this series, Gift of the Goddess and it, too, was a wonderful read, but Tailspin, Oh my Lord! This chick gets her tongue around some vivid, vivid imagery - and I'm not talking about kinky sex here. Although the sex is hot, I won't deny it - I'm about to run off for a cold shower, wishing I had a spare tail hanging around.

There is no way you could ever call this a bare bones, leave you lots of space to fill in your own details, kind of book. No way, just none. You understand every sense, every touch - Jesus, I can feel how Mirry and Jan's feathers would feel beneath my hands as I oiled them down! And this is with me reading 1/3 of the book close to stoned needing sleep, but not being able to move from the computer screen because it was too good! See why I need to re-read this?

In Tailspin I can see, hear and almost taste Ms Rossetti story. The deep black of Jan's feathers glistening with swirls of abalone, Mirry's old gold and copper burnish...mmm mm m!

Read the Gift of the Goddess first, it will help with a few of those pesky world building things, and explain a reference or two - that's not to say that you just get dumped in the middle of somewhere with no information, just that you deserve to go from really good, to even better!

Menage lover (which you can tell I am by my writing) or not, you can't miss these books. Oh yes, quake in your books top selling print authors, there is a new girl in town and if she doesn't get snaffled up in a New York minute by a major house I'll bury all the batteries so my Rabbit never works again!


Joey W. Hill, Ellora's Cave author

Joey is an author whose writing I admire and respect. Quite frankly, I enjoy the hell out of her books. When she posted this message on the Ellora's Cave readers' chat list, I was thrilled and honoured.


Yes, I'm at the day job, so can only spend a moment without feeling guilt (grin) - but I wanted to jump in on this as well. I was able to wheedle an advance copy from Denise under the alibi that I would "critique it" for her, and she fell for that. ;>

I'm horribly stingy about praise when it comes to stories. I have to be "wow'ed". So when I read Gift of the Goddess and loved it, I made no bones about it. Now I have no hesitation about offering the same resounding endorsement of Tailspin. In addition to writing wonderful erotic romance, Denise has a special gift for fantasy-romance and blends the erotic and fantastic beautifully with a wonderful love story in Tailspin. Fledge was a particularly endearing character.

You know the type of author that pulls you in and makes you forget about the passage of time or the number of pages you have left to read, such that when you get to the end all you want is more? That's Denise. So that's all I'll say. Go read!

Joey W. Hill www.storywitch.com

If you haven't read anything of Joey's, run - don't walk - to her page on Ellora's Cave or to her website, www.storywitch.com. Love and pain and joy - oh my!

5 Stars from Jerr
Heat level: O

The sensual scenes had me all hot and bothered! wings? Feathered tails? Oh yeah! But there is much more to recommend than just the hot love scenes. Mirry and Fledge encounter hardships, growing as lovers and people throughout the story. By the time the dark-winged Janarnavriel is introduced to Fledge, all these characters have endeared themselves by overcoming adversity and emotional challenges.

I read many paranormals. I like action, suspense, a "heroic journey" featuring a sexy romance, amazing creatures and scary villains in a world so well portrayed that I feel immersed in its sights and scents. Tailspin is a fantastic paranormal tale that has it all in my humble opinion. Bravo Denise Rossetti!

Reviewer: Patrice Storie      

4 and 1/2 Hearts from Loves Romances and More

Staff Pick, March 2007!

Submerge yourself in this searingly hot and riveting tale leaving reality behind for awhile. The teller's cadence lulls while entrancing wording draws vivid portraits of the people and creatures inhabiting this world.

Most beguilingly described are Mirry and Jan. Both are sensuous fantasies of feather, flesh and sinuous tail. The knowledge of how to wield their bodies is only one facet with which to fascinate the reader. It is the depth of character and complex relationship that sharpens the picture of our heroes bringing them to life before us.

The heroine may think little of herself in the beginning but she is warm, giving and intuitive. Fledge is greater than her name and readers will thoroughly enjoy watching her grow to understand her own worth and strength.

There are many entertainments at the Fair. Be sure to venture into this tent where the magic of Story is to be found and prepare to be bewitched.

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Recommended Read from Rites of Romance Reviews

I found the world which Denise created to be an awesome place. The second in the series it maintained the high quality of the first. The interactions between her characters are attention grabbing and carry you on through out the book. Erotically intense, with hot exciting BSMD leanings. I Recommend this to all who love science fiction with lots of heat!

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5 Hearts

The Romance Studio

Ms. Rossetti builds a love story that takes the phrase "flights of fantasy" to a whole new level!

I stayed up way past my usual bedtime to finish this exceptional story. Part of the beauty of it is that the reader can use it as a beautifully done erotic fantasy or as a picture of the realities of life in fantasy format. Either way Ms. Rossetti has given us a fantastic story.

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4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance

This tale is filled with delicious scenes of hot, carnal intoxication. The author will have you gasping with her explosive descriptions of the sexual encounters these three engage in.

Reviewer: Candy Cay      Read the rest...

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