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Thief of Light

4 Stars from Romantic Times

This stand-out novel pulls readers into a steamy romance with a fun plot. Eccentric enough in its otherworldly setting to be enjoyed from a fantasy standpoint, on a romantic level the chemistry between the easily likable main characters is sizzling and realistic. Rossetti paints a vivid picture that truly allows readers to escape.

lipslipslipslipslipsTwo Lips Reviews

...a fascinating read that I had a hard time putting down. The character of Erik had me cheering for him from page one. When you want a beautiful love story with characters that make you want more, read Thief of Light. I for one would love to read more books like this from Ms. Rossetti! Thief of the Light will be on my keeper shelf for sure. This novel is the second in the Four Sided Pentacle series but can be read alone and enjoyed completely.

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5 Star of those amazing books that comes along very rarely. Ms. Rossetti has crafted a unique world and culture, and filled it with complex, wonderful characters that draw you in and won't let you go. This is complex world-building and enthralling story-telling at its best.

Prue is a wonderful heroine - human as she hides from past pains, yet stronger than she ever believed when she needs to be. Erik is a wounded hero that calls out for love - blessed with a divine gift, he has maintained his humanity in the face of what has been unbearable temptation. Together they are one of my favorite romantic couples.

All in all an extraordinary tale. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of romance and space opera.

Reviewer: Dawn D.

Vamp Fan Girl

Once again I was ensnared by the beauty Rossetti created with seeming ease, although I'm sure it was a labor of love. Colors exploded in my mind's eye and the landscape left me in absolute awe. I'm still more than curious to discover who might be the witches or wizards that are gifted with water and earth and if good will win over evil.

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5 HeartsThe Romance Studio

Both of them are wonderfully drawn, real characters that readers can relate to. The sexual tension between them ratchets up as they both struggle with their attraction. When they eventually succumb, their encounters burn up the pages while also warming the heart with the tenderness that blossoms between them.

Denise Rossetti does a wonderful job of keeping the relationship between Erik and Prue the central focus of the book even as she weaves in the overarching plot that ties it to the first book in the series. The sense of menace is felt throughout the story and will keep readers on edge as it draws closer to Erik and Prue. Though the ending is completely satisfying, there are some aspects of the plot that seem unresolved and will leave readers anxious to get their hands on the next book in the series. This is one book, and series, I recommend whole heartedly to anyone who wants a little fantasy and magic woven into their romance.

Reviewer: Karin

Night Owl Romance

...a very imaginative fantasy filled with eroticism and likeable characters. This is an author worth watching.

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Harriet Klausner

This is an enjoyable romantic fantasy starring two likable lead characters and a sinister villain. The Golden one finds his charming seductive voice fails him with the woman he wants and who might be the one to bring him redemption. Besides his failure with Prue, he now has a kick butt evil necromancer determined to use his seductive skill to steal souls. Fans will take pleasure in Denise Rossetti's return to the realm of the Four-Sided Pentacle.

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